sabato 12 ottobre 2013


Hello everyone!!

I decided to keep this blog as an extra comment to my website ( and I inaugurate it with a post about the experience I'm doing right now. I'm spending the next semester in Cologne, a wonderful city on the river Rhine, and allegedly best known for its gothic cathedral and lots of other things scattered hither and thither.

Everything is lovely and wonderful (the weather reminds me a little bit of London, but I can cope with it), but since my luggage was way too heavy I decided to leave my camera at home in Italy and also the computer I'm using here is a notebook, and its RAM memory is on the edge of a breakdown (like mine, though).

Anyway, this didn's stop me and I went for a stroll around the city taking pictures of what aroused my curiosity.... with my mobile phone. Actually, it turned out to be an amazing thing - it's somehow a better way to take pictures and it definitely feels better than hanging around with all the camera stuff, especially if you go out for a walk without the intention of just taking pictures.

I took those pictures yesterday, when I walked through the Rheinpark. It was rainy, just a few people, but I loved it. Everybody asked me why I went there with the rain and not with the sun... well, how trivial.

In November I'm going to have my camera again, so I'm looking forward to sharing with you the next shootings! :)


martedì 23 ottobre 2012



photo and post-production: Luciano Doria
models: Anna Lombardo, Linda Flospergher, Alessandra Nardotto, Martina Zocca, Francesca Sperotto, Giacomo Rigon & Andrea Moscon
personal assistant: Alex Vujcic
clothing: Atelier Henriette, Corso Palladio 21, 36100 Vicenza (Italy)
location: Villa Valmarana ai Nani (Vicenza, Italy)
styling: Gabriella Feltre
make-up artist and hair-stylist: Ilaria De Luca
video-maker: Anna Maule
special thanks to: Gabriella Feltre, Berica Dall'Igna, Carolina Maria Di Valmarana and the Valmarana Family


I'm so happy with the results of this photoshoot! I literally had to struggle to organize it - I had to ask for the location, the dresses, the models, the assistants, the make-up and hair-stylist, the video-maker... all by myself. If you add the university lectures in Venice and lots of stuff like this you may get it. It  was a tough challenge for me, but satisfaction definitely exceeded all our expectations! This was not a commissioned work, I did it just to improve my portfolio... and to have fun!! :-)

All the people who took part in the shooting, from the models to the video-maker, are friends of mine and I am so grateful to them for all their amazing support. They are always there for me when I need their help and I will always be there for them to return the favour... I love you all, thank you so much!

Much love to everyone and hope you guys are gonna enjoy it!!

C u soon,

PS: backstage video coming sooooon!!!! :-)

martedì 18 settembre 2012



model: Mirco Dal Bosco
photo and post-production: Luciano Doria

© Luciano Doria, all rights reserved.

giovedì 9 agosto 2012



model: Simona Ulozaite, First Model Management London
make up artist: Anna Gorskikh
location: Holland Park & Notting Hill, London, UK
© Luciano Doria & First Model Management London

I simply can't explain how much I enjoyed this shooting. It was such a unique experience and I will never ever forget it, because it was my very first photo session in London. Simona was so great and when I asked her where she had learnt to pose (she is one of the amazing new faces of the agecny) she answered "Nowhere, I just feel it.". I was so amazed by that sentence and I think she really knows what she means, don't you think? :)

Hope you'll enjoy the pictures!!

Much love,